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James Blaine Showing Agent

In Memoriam

James Blaine passed away on November 10, 2022.

As a little boy, my parents would take the four of us on lengthy road trips to the Western and Midwestern states in our ’63 Olds 88. Dad would put a plywood board across from the back window to the front seat. Me and my sister would fight about who got to sleep on it. No seat belts, airbags, or padded dash, but we did have good AC. From those days in the 50’s and 60’s up to the current day, I wonder in passing by, just who lives in those homes, and what are the insides of them are like.

As a grown up, having traveled around a bit, I have asked those same questions about homes in the Caribbean, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, North Africa, Spain, and the Baltic States. Surprisingly, the most charming homes as a group, in my opinion, are in Belarus.

Real estate has always captivated me. My interest was piqued and developed further in my work as an insurance inspector to the most faraway corners of this alluring state. I have had some years of employment as a designer for California Closets,  here in the mountains of Colorado and in the South Bay of San Francisco. Thus, I was fortunate to visit the interiors of some of the most beautiful homes in this country. I have also had (mostly) pleasant experiences as a landlord, and bought and sold a few properties along the way. So in these latter days of my life, with some urging from my daughter and my wife, I have obtained my real estate license. Thus I enter into a new adventure. I hope to serve you well.

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