Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village, Colorado is situated in Arapahoe County, immediately south of Denver, encompassing 8.3 square miles including the Denver Tech Center. The village was first incorporated as a town in 1950. Once primarily a rural community, Greenwood Village has developed into a dynamic blend of business and residential areas, to include nationally recognized business parks and select neighborhood associations.

You’ll find luxury homes within Greenwood Village along with condo’s popping up all over to allow for work-live environments. With plenty of shopping and dining, Greenwood Village is an attractive place to visit.  


o   Elevation: Greenwood Village sits at an elevation of 5,422 feet above sea level

o   Size and Population: The Town of Greenwood Village is 8.1 square miles with a current population of approximately 13.925 (estimated 2010) people residing within the incorporated Town boundaries

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