Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of the fastest growing cities in the Denver metro area. Being only 45 minutes from Colorado Springs and 35 minutes from downtown Denver, it’s a great place for commuters seeking an escape from city life. You can feel it’s small town character with its 100-plus-year-old homes, traditional downtown, unique shops and restaurants, and regular community events.  The Town boasts nearly 20 parks, more than 50 miles of public trails and approximately 6,000 acres of open space offering many natural hideaways. 


o   Elevation: Castle Rock sits at an elevation of 6,224 feet above sea level

o   Size and Population: The Town of Castle Rock is 33.79 square miles with a current population of approximately 355,747 (estimated 2014) people residing within the incorporated Town boundaries

o   School District: View Douglas County School District

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