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Denver, the capital of Colorado, was established by a party of prospectors on November 22, 1858, after a gold discovery at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. Town founders named the dusty crossroads for James W. Denver, Governor of Kansas Territory, of which eastern Colorado was then a part. Other gold discoveries sparked a mass migration of some 100,000 in 1859-60, leading the federal government to establish Colorado Territory in 1861. Denver is one of the few cities in history that was not built on a road, railroad, lake, navigable river or body of water when it was founded. It just happened to be where the first few flakes of gold were found in 1858. Sitting pretty at 5,280 feet in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, midway between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean, the Denver area is home to 2.5 million people who don’t seem to mind its 300 days-per-year of sunshine. Long a celebrated outdoor recreation mecca, Denver’s cultural attractions and easy urban lifestyle have taken center stage, with old brick industrial buildings sprouting stylish lofts, restaurants, shops and nightclubs. Now, with the world’s second-largest performing arts center and Daniel Libeskind’s addition to the Denver Art Museum, the Mile High City continues to ascend in stature among American cities. Urban sophistication meets outdoor adventure in the Mile High City. With 300 days of sunshine, a walkable downtown, thriving art and cultural scenes, and the Rockies as a backdrop, Denver offers affordable exploration of the world's most spectacular playground. Come experience our award-winning restaurants and one-of-a-kind neighborhood boutiques.  Denver, like any city, is made up of neighborhoods that are diverse and unique. Brief information and histories about some of those neighborhoods are presented here.


o   Elevation: Denver sits at an elevation of 5,130 -5,690

o   Size and Population: The Town of Denver is 155 square miles with a current population of approximately 682,545 (estimated 2015) people residing within the incorporated Town boundaries feet above sea level

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